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May 5, 2024

Southwest Florida Laboratory Theatre

The Southwest Florida (SWFL) area offers numerous options for theater enthusiasts, including The Laboratory Theater of Florida. This theater presents a variety of movie spoofs and original productions that are sure to leave you entertained. They welcome auditions for all ages, and my son Zach Hendra has participated in many productions such as "The Tempest," "The Birds: A Parody," "She Kills Monsters," and "Saving Hamlet."

In addition to its regular productions, The Laboratory Theater of Florida also hosts a theater camp for kids, where they can learn about acting, production, and more. This year, the camp will be featuring "The Squirrel Girl Goes to College" from June 24th to July 12th at 1634 Woodford Ave, Fort Myers, FL. The camp runs from Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm, with performances scheduled for July 11th, 12th, and 13th at 7:30pm, and July 14th at 2pm.
The current show is "Crocodile Fever." It's about Alannah's quiet life in 1989 Northern Ireland being disrupted when her rebellious IRA sister comes home. The sisters are forced to confront their father's legacy, and all hell breaks loose. This dark comedy is fueled by alcohol, 80s music, and a chainsaw! It's a must-see of the season! Get your tickets; you don't want to miss out!
Article written by our agent, Eileen Woodham
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May 5, 2024

Canals Freshwater or Gulf Access

Are you curious about the canals in Cape Coral, Florida? Well, read on because our agent, Sarah Rothenberg, wrote us an article to go over the details.


Navigating Cape Coral's Canals:

Ahoy, Cape Coral water enthusiasts! Are you ready to set sail on a thrilling voyage through our city's diverse canal network? Hold onto your hats as we explore the three main types of canals that make Cape Coral a water lover's utopia.

Direct Access:

First stop, direct access aka sailboat access—the holy grail of waterfront living! Picture yourself cruising seamlessly from your backyard to the open waters of the Gulf, with not a bridge in sight to rain on your parade. These gems are the envy of all, commanding top dollar for convenience. Quick run times with no bridges to contend with, you can bring your sailboat or large powerboat to navigate these types of gulf access canals with ease and quickness. 

Gulf Access with Bridges:

Next on our tour are the gulf access canals with bridges. While these canals offer access to the vast blue beyond they are not created equally, the devil is in the details—How long to navigate to the river, what height restrictions will I encounter, and how deep is the canal?  All super important questions when looking to purchase waterfront property. Some routes offer swift passages, while others wind leisurely, requiring patience and time. It’s super important to understand where in the city you are and how long that trip will take if boating is a priority.

Freshwater Canals:

Last but certainly not least, lets drift into the tranquil realms of freshwater canals. Though lacking access to the salty seas, these waterways offer their own brand of charm. Imagine lazy afternoons spent fishing or kayaking amidst serene views, far from the hustle and bustle of larger vessels. Some of these canals may even lead to a chain of small lakes that make awesome low-key water fun.  Remember no access to the Gulf, if boating isn’t a priority and you are more interested in the aesthetics, it’s worth checking out as the price points can vastly differ from the Gulf access options. 

Choosing Your Canal:

With so many options to consider, how do you find the canal of your dreams? You reach to one of our team members to help you find the perfect canal front property for your specific needs. Check out this link to start your canal front home search, and as always please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, we will happily help guide you to your new waterfront home. 

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March 4, 2024

Nevermind Bar and the Hop

Cape Coral Restaurant Update

Awesome Bar and Hop recently organized a going away party for a restaurant called Nevermind in Cape Coral, which my husband and I used to visit frequently. They hosted a monthly event called Cult Carne, which we never wanted to miss. The restaurant had been serving daily lunches and dinners for years, and the owner and chef, Shannon Yates, unfortunately, passed away a couple of years back. Despite his passing, the restaurant continued to operate but eventually had to close down due to lease issues. However, after the NeverForget party, they managed to regain their lease and will soon be reopening at the same location. Nevermind, as it's now called, offers live music, and outdoor seating, and serves great food and cocktails. It first opened in 2012, bringing a new nightlife scene to Cape Coral's downtown dining experience. We are thrilled to see it will be back carrying on the same atmosphere we enjoyed before!


Article written By Eileen Woodham

Posted in Lifestyle, Restaurants
March 4, 2024

Cape Coral Parks ~ Crystal Park

Cape Coral Parks Update

Cape Coral, FL is set to welcome a new recreational gem: Crystal Lake Park. The park's master plan promises an array of amenities designed to cater to outdoor enthusiasts and families alike. At its heart lies a pristine 45-acre lake, adorned by a sandy beach offering a tranquil retreat. The park will be located at 4307 NW 36th st. near old Burnt Store rd.

Visitors can expect convenient facilities including restrooms, picnic shelters, and sun shelters for a comfortable outing. Adventure-seekers will be thrilled by the scuba diving area, fitness stations and playgrounds, while the hill overlook provides a picturesque spot to unwind.

For water enthusiasts, the park boasts both boat and kayak launches on its west side, seamlessly connecting to nearby canals. Accessibility is prioritized with ADA-compliant parking and pathways, ensuring inclusivity for all.

Safety measures are also in place with an emergency boat launch on the east side. With ample parking options including paved stalls and grass spots, the park will be ready to accommodate visitors year-round.

Crystal Lake Park stands as a testament to Cape Coral's commitment to providing quality outdoor spaces for its residents and visitors. As construction gets underway, anticipation for this natural haven continues to grow, promising endless opportunities for leisure and exploration. Crystal Lake Park broke ground on Feb, 23rd 2024 and is expected to be completed sometime in 2025. I can’t wait to see the area continue to develop and add so much outdoor fun for all of Cape Coral and it’s residents. To read more about Crystal Lake park and see all the exciting plans check out this link.


Written by Sarah Rothenberg

Posted in SW Florida Parks
March 4, 2024

February 2024 Market Update

🏠 Monthly Market Recap - February 2024
Greetings, Southwest Florida Residents!
February brought dynamic shifts to our local real estate landscape. Throughout the month, mortgage rates fluctuated, starting at 7.04% and reaching 7.09% by month-end. Despite this volatility, buyer activity remained steady, with new listings varying from 587 to 503, indicating healthy inventory levels. However, sold properties experienced minor declines, moving from 244 to 236 over the same period.
Expired listings followed a downward trend, dropping from 106 to 60, suggesting sellers’ increased responsiveness to market dynamics. Meanwhile, pending sales remained consistent, hovering around 400, reflecting sustained buyer interest. Price adjustments were notable, with decreases ranging from 986 to 957, showcasing sellers’ flexibility in a competitive market. Despite some price fluctuations, the median sales price ended on a positive note, rising from $370k to $410k by month-end. As we step into March, let’s stay vigilant and adaptive to the evolving market conditions ahead.
Written By Brayden Milner
Posted in Real Estate Market
Feb. 7, 2024

January 2024 SW Florida Market Stats

January 2024 SW Florida Market Stats

Our January 2024 numbers are in and we wanted to share those with you. These figures were taken from our local MLS.

Here’s a brief recap of the key highlights from January in the Southwest Florida real estate market:
January 1: Mortgage rates stood at 6.67%, with 237 new listings, 229 homes sold, and 283 listings expired. The median sales price was $401k.
January 8: Mortgage rates saw a slight increase to 6.8%. New listings surged to 574, but sold properties dropped to 193. The median sales price dipped to $395k.
January 15: Mortgage rates decreased to 6.69%. New listings remained high at 595 but sold properties decreased further to 167. The median sales price spiked to $478k.
January 22: Mortgage rates increased to 6.92%. New listings decreased to 529, while sold properties dropped to 146. The median sales price saw a slight decrease to $429k.
January 29: Mortgage rates slightly decreased to 6.88%. New listings increased to 544, and sold properties saw a bump to 206. The median sales price decreased to $417k.
Overall, January showcased fluctuations in mortgage rates and market activity, with variations in new listings, sold properties, and median sales prices. Despite these changes, the Southwest Florida real estate market demonstrated resilience and remained active throughout the month.
(Contributed by Brayden Milner)
Are you wondering how this January compares to last January? Well, it's almost like a carbon copy. Considering just SFH (single-family homes) in our MLS we found:
January 2023
1,247 Total Sales
Average Sold Price: $823,736
Median Sales Price: $480,000
Average DOM (Days on Market): 35
SP/LP (Sales Price to List Price) 95.39%
January 2024
Average Sold Price: $863,357
Median Sales Price: $480,000
Average DOM (Days on Market): 44
SP/LP (Sales Price to List Price) 94.99%
As you can see besides a few fewer sales and a slightly higher DOM they are almost identical. So, if you didn't make your move in 2023 maybe 2024 is your chance!
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Feb. 6, 2024

Valentines Day 2024 in Cape Coral FL

Valentine's Day 2024 in Cape Coral, FL:

Your Guide to Love, Music, and Fun!

Love is in full swing, and Cape Coral, FL, invites you to celebrate Valentine's Day 2024 with romance, music, and memorable experiences. From intimate dinners to live music and waterfront adventures, there's something for everyone. Here's a sampling of events and specials focusing on live music and romantic experiences:

Romantic Dinners:

Marker 92 Waterfront Bar & Bistro: Indulge in a romantic waterfront dinner at Marker 92. Enjoy their exclusive Valentine's Day menu featuring delectable seafood and steak options paired with breathtaking views of the Caloosahatchee River.

Rumrunners: Elevate your Valentine's Day experience at Rumrunners with an exquisite menu of gourmet cuisine and fine wines. Reserve your table for an enchanting evening filled with culinary delights and intimate ambiance.

The French Press: Embrace the cozy ambiance and exquisite French cuisine at The French Press. Treat your loved one to a culinary journey with their special Valentine's Day menu, featuring classic dishes and decadent desserts.

Live Music and Entertainment:

  1. Dixie Roadhouse: Dance the night away at Dixie Roadhouse with live music and entertainment. Celebrate Valentine's Day with friends and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere filled with great music and drink specials.
  3. Cape Coral Yacht Club: Unwind by the waterfront at Cape Coral Yacht Club and enjoy live music performances under the stars. Bring your loved one and immerse yourselves in romantic melodies while savoring the coastal breeze and spectacular views.
  5. The Dek Bar: Enjoy live music and a laid-back atmosphere at The Dek Bar. Celebrate Valentine's Day with a lineup of talented local musicians, refreshing drinks, and a friendly crowd.

Fun on the Water:

  1. Valentine's Day Sunset Cruise: Embark on a romantic sunset cruise along the Gulf Coast. Sail away with your sweetheart and toast to love as you witness the breathtaking views and unbelievable sunsets.
  3. Kayaking at Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve: Experience the serenity of Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve on a romantic kayaking adventure. Paddle through mangrove tunnels, admire native wildlife, and embrace the tranquility of nature with your loved one by your side.

Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable with these exciting activities and specials in Cape Coral, FL. Whether you're savoring a romantic dinner, enjoying live music, or exploring the beauty of the waterways, Cape Coral offers the perfect backdrop for love and celebration. Happy Valentine's Day!

(Article Contributed by Sarah Rothenberg)


Valentines Day house


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Feb. 6, 2024

Lehne Burgers Update

Lehne Burger is located on 1232 Cape Coral Parkway E. It has been here for about 6 years and now. They are getting a second location in the Edison Mall right at the food court coming in February!  They are a family-owned restaurant open Monday to Thursday 11:30-3pm and 5-8pm, Fridays evenings are 5-9pm and the daily 11:30-3pm, Saturdays 11:30 to 9pm and Sunday closed.  (Please verify with the business for current hours)

Lehne Burger Website
Lehne’s Burger offers all types of burgers from vegan to smashed burgers! They are affordable and always have great service! They are a husband and wife owners Mike and Christina. They originally started on Fort Myers Beach and now we are lucky to have them in Cape Coral and Fort Myers. It’s a must-see when you are in the area! 
Lehne BurgerBurger Yum
Lehne Burger Owners
(article contributed by Eileen Woodham)
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Oct. 25, 2022

50% FEMA Ruling Cape Coral

50% Rule - what?


If you are currently living in SW Florida or considering a purchase here anytime soon you’ll want to understand what this means.


The 50% rule is a FEMA rule that basically states that if the repairs needed to the house are over 50% of the home’s value (depreciated/actual value - not market value is my understanding) then you may be obligated to bring the house up to current Hurricane Codes. 


What could this mean? Well, the exact information is still being worked on here in the City of Cape Coral. They have made a couple of posts about it but nothing seems to be official…yet.


However, this could mean that the house’s elevation needs to be raised to higher levels. Especially if the home was built many years ago it could be several feet below the current flood codes. Perhaps the house will need to be lifted and fill dirt put underneath or perhaps the house will have to be lifted with a stilt structure under it? Or maybe it would have to be completely torn down in extreme cases. 


The roof will most likely not just require a new reroof but most likely hurricane straps, additional brackets, and nails to be brought up to code. 


Understanding these figures before you begin work or take on a new project is critical. 


Cape Coral Post Hurricane Ian 2022 House


You can check with local permitting departments for information. At the present time, the city of Cape Coral is suggesting anyone with a home built prior to 1981 to wait until the information is made available to the public before making any repairs. They are suggesting a date of Dec 1, 2022. You can read the article here

Here is that current verbiage 


“The City of Cape Coral advises residents who own a home built before 1981 not to make repairs until December 1, 2022. 

The 50% Rule, a regulation of the National Flood Insurance Program, requires structures with damage exceeding 50% of their market value to be rebuilt consistent with the current flood elevation and Florida Building Code. The City doesn't want residents to pay additional costs to repair structures before determining whether it has received 50% or more damage.

Cape Coral’s City Council is expediting the approval of an ordinance that may remove regulations, to make it easier on the homeowner when determining calculations for the 50% Rule.”



You can also learn more at FEMA as well. Here is a link to a pdf


Here is a link to an article put out by the Florida Association of Realtors as well


Please keep in mind that this is a time-sensitive post meaning the information contained in it may change. (Dated Oct 25, 2022) We will work to update this post as information becomes more available.




Jan. 20, 2022

Cape Coral Real Estate Market Recap

The Cape Coral real estate market is obviously increasing. I wanted to take a look at homes with gulf access as they are our most popular. 

This past year, in 2021, the prices in January were averaging $695,297 and by December 2021 they were averaging $908,070. This is a major increase over the course of 1 year. 

Cape Coral Market Stats

I went ahead and also pulled a report to show the past 10 years trends as well:


If you would like to invest in a Cape Coral Gulf Access home, we'd love to help you find the one!

Start your search now for your own beautiful Gulf Access home in Cape Coral, Florida.


Cape Coral Waterfront